Buying Property at Absolute Twin Sands

Twin Sands offers many ways to buy your contemporary apartment – leasehold, foreign freehold, or fractional ownership through Absolute’s award-winning shared ownership programme:

This is the standard property sales contract, as under current Thai Law, it is illegal for foreigners to own land. The lease, from the developer, is offered in 30-year periods, with the standard contract stating the first 30-year lease will be extended by two further periods to give 90 years.

Foreign Freehold
As Twin Sands is sold under the Condominium Act, 49% of the development can be sold as foreign ownership under freehold title. The Condominium Act makes further provision to buyers regarding the accuracy of the development description, the construction time, allocation of common area and other stipulations. Absolute Twin Sands is sold on a first-come basis, until the allocation is complete.

Fractional Ownership
A limited number of apartments are available through Absolute’s highly successful fractional ownership initiative. By investing in a fraction of the purchase cost, fractional ownership members own 100% of their holidays for a small percentage of the cost.

Management Services
All owners are offered the full management services of Absolute Resorts & Hotels division, whose sophisticated reservations systems ensures the highest possible occupancy level and rental returns.