Exotic Thailand

At the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand truly is a central hub of the region, with a population of over 66million. This enchanting kingdom features an array of exquisite delights, steeped in rich culture and colourful history. From bustling cities to picturesque beaches, from spectacular islands and teeming aquatic life to tropical rainforests with exotic wildlife, verdant mountains and fascinating hill tribes, traditional temples, shrines and a vibrant myriad of entertainment, shopping and nightlife opportunities, Thailand has something for everyone.

With a well-earned reputation as ‘The Land of Smiles’, Thailand features friendly people, delectable food, some of the finest accommodation in the world and hospitality to match. The innate sense of well-being and relaxation, essential to the Thai way of life, ensures visitors return time and time again. From simple pleasures to lavish luxury, this kingdom is a world-renowned destination is that never ceases to amaze and excite. Whatever you enjoy, whether traditional massage and spa treatments, golfing, sailing, lazing on sundrenched shores or adrenalin adventures, such as diving, big game fishing and jungle trekking, Thailand has an abundant supply of activities to sample.

Not merely for holidays or casual travels, Thailand also offers the ultimate in idyllic, tropical living for longer or more permanent stays. The five-star healthcare facilities and top-class international schools also make Thailand an attractive home-from-home experience, with that added luxury.