Phuket bars and entertainment venues in low-key reopening tomorrow

Bars and other entertainment venues in Phuket’s main entertainment hub, Patong, will be allowed to reopen tomorrow albeit with a lot softer approach than is usual for such venues.


The reopening was confirmed to The Phuket News today (Oct 17) by Patong Entertainment Business Association (PEBA) President Weerawit Kuresombat.

Mr Weerawit said, “After we heard the news of the death of His Majesty on October 13, all venues in Patong shut down. Not long after the official announcement members of PEBA went to Patong Beach to light candles and pray for HM the King.

“The next day we received a notice signed by Vice Governor Sanith Sriwihok from Provincial Hall requesting all venues to close from October 14-17 so people can go to attend condolence ceremonies,” he said.

“All venues will reopen tomorrow with their normal hours. However, all venues are required by law to play soft music only. Therefore, there will be no live entertainment, bands, dancing or loud music.

“Although we are mourning the passing of our beloved King and it is a hard time for us all, our lives and businesses must go on. In some provinces all entertainment venues were told closed for thirty days, but for tourist destinations like Phuket it was only a few days.

“In Patong, bars and entertainment venues will be open but with respect and consideration for the rest of the mourning period,” he added.